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The Foundation WA

2023-2024 Impact Report

 Inspiring CHANGE.



In the heart of our Vancouver community our organization is dedicated to fostering change and empowerment. Through engaging workshops, we empower our youth with the tools they need for development and leadership, while our Teen Prepare Center offers a vibrant space for growth and discovery. Beyond youth programs, we provide essential reentry support for individuals and families affected by incarceration, facilitating a smoother transition back into community life. Our commitment to unity and celebration is also evident in our community block parties, where we come together to celebrate our collective strength and spirit. Our goal is clear: to build a supportive, connected, inclusive community through every action we take.

Reentry  Support
Youth Development 

 Juvenile Justice   Advocacy

Celebrating Community 

Teen Center  

I can attest that The Foundation WA
and the services they provide is vital for the future success
of the youth exiting the Clark County Juvenile Justice
Center. As the Business Partner for the City of Vancouver,
Office of Equity and Inclusion, I have personally reached
out to partner with The Foundation in hopes of developing
programs that align with our shared vision for successful
community reentry.  The Foundation and the Vancouver
Police Department want to bridge the divide between our
officers and minority youth.

- Nikki Chen, City of Vancouver

Office of Diversity and Equity






Workshops& Events




Teen PREPARE Center: 
Ignite, Inspire, Innovate

Since opening the doors January 2024, the Teen Prepare Center has established itself as a pivotal resource for youth engagement and development in our community. Strategically located off Fourth Plain Blvd, the center was launched in true Foundation style with a Grand Opening Block Party, underscoring our commitment to creating a dynamic, inclusive environment for our teens. Open seven days a week, this space offers a safe and welcoming setting for teens to socialize, participate in diverse workshops, and engage in leadership development activities. The center is filled with the energy of teens enjoying music, ping-pong and connect 4 tournaments, and participating in competitive NBA 2k video games. Additionally, our Insight to Foresight Workshops provide valuable opportunities for personal growth, equipping our youth with essential skills for their futures. The Teen Prepare Center serves as a vibrant hub for young individuals to connect, learn, and thrive within a supportive community framework

BEEP! BEEP! - Transporation is a large barrier for many of our youth and we couldn't be more excited with the purchase of a 15 passenger van to offer rides to our community!

STYLE ALLEY - Our barbers and stylists are loved by the community and offer frees services at events and for program participants. We were able to open a space dedicated to them and their services!

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Community &

Organizing block parties, facilitating engaging workshops, and arranging motivational speaking events are vital ways we celebrate the vibrant diversity of our Vancouver community. These activities are designed to foster connections, encourage mutual learning, and provide enjoyment for all members of our community. The heart of these initiatives lies in the strong partnerships we’ve formed within the community. Our partners bring invaluable resources, expertise, and energy, making these gatherings not just possible, but memorable. Their contribution is crucial in ensuring we create inclusive, enriching experiences that reflect the richness of our community’s diversity, demonstrating the power of coming together in unity and respect



Teen Center Grand Opening: A beacon of hope and a hub of activity, the grand opening of our Teen Center marked a significant milestone in our commitment to providing safe, nurturing spaces for youth development and engagement.


Halloween Block Party: Combining fun and practical support, our Halloween Party offered community members a chance to connect with vital resources while celebrating in an environment of joy and inclusivity.


Jayden's Christmas Toy Drive: Reflecting the spirit of giving and community solidarity, Jayden's Christmas Toy Drive brought warmth and joy to families at the Children's Cancer Care.

Love EVERY Shade Black History Celebration: This event was a powerful affirmation of culture, history, and community, fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of the contributions and resilience of Black communities.

Revolutionary Reads: A powerful community program in partnership with Fort Vancouver Public Library 

HELPS: Providing workshops for youth involved with Clark County Juvenile Courts and serving on HELPS advisory board

Vancouver Police Department: Chief's Diversity Advisory Board, Community Police Advisory Committee

Portland Trailblazers: HBCU to the PROS college event and game.

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Looking Forward: Strategic Plan

The Foundation WA stands at the forefront of empowering Southwest Washington's youth and supporting individuals' reintegration into society. Our strategic plan for 2023-2024 is designed to broaden our impact through targeted initiatives: establishing transitional housing, enhancing our funding base, forging meaningful partnerships, and addressing educational engagement challenges. This plan serves as a roadmap, guiding our efforts to fulfill our vision of a resilient, supportive, and inclusive community.

Vision and Mission Statement

Our vision is a community where every individual has the opportunity and resources to flourish, free from the shadows of past mistakes and societal barriers. We aim to support this vision by providing comprehensive programs that address youth development and support for reentering individuals, ensuring a future where every community member can contribute positively and meaningfully.

Strategic Goals and Objectives

1.) Transitional Housing Development

The initiative to open transitional housing, supported by collaborations with the Vancouver Housing Authority and the Department of Commerce, is a cornerstone of our strategy. This endeavor will see the full remodeling of a facility funded by the City of Vancouver Affordable Funding Grant, creating a beacon of hope and stability for those in need. Central to this effort will be the creation of two new roles focused on delivering wrap-around services, ensuring residents not only have a roof over their heads but also access to the support necessary for a successful transition to stable living conditions. Success will be measured through occupancy rates, resident satisfaction, and the tangible outcomes of those who move on to permanent housing.

2.) Secure Funding for Capacity Building and Wages

Sustaining and expanding our impact requires a stable financial foundation. We aim to diversify our funding sources through private donations and grants focused on non-profit capacity building and employee compensation. This strategy involves a proactive approach to grant applications and cultivating relationships with philanthropic entities, measuring success through the volume of funds raised, the number of grants secured, and the expansion of our programs and staff.

3.) Build Meaningful Collaborations

Partnerships are vital to amplifying our impact. We will seek to establish and deepen connections with organizations, businesses, and government entities that share our vision and values. Through joint initiatives, community events, and formal agreements, we aim to create a synergistic network of support for our community's youth and reentering individuals. The formation of these partnerships and the launch of collaborative projects will serve as key indicators of our success in this area.

4.) Address Truancy and Under enrollment in Schools

A proactive approach to truancy and under enrollment is essential to preventing youth from entering the juvenile justice system. In collaboration with the PIC, Clark County Juvenile Courts, Evergreen School District, and Vancouver Police Department, we will develop and implement strategies to engage and support at-risk students. This includes alternative education paths and dedicated support services, aiming to reduce truancy rates and increase school enrollment. Success will be gauged through improved educational outcomes and reduced involvement of youth in the justice system.

Budget and Resource Allocation

A carefully structured budget will support the strategic objectives, detailing financial and human resources allocated to each initiative. This budget will reflect our commitment to efficient and effective use of funds, ensuring the sustainability and growth of our programs.

Risk Management and Mitigation Strategies

Identifying potential risks—such as funding shortfalls or regulatory changes—is crucial for the successful execution of our strategic plan. We will develop mitigation strategies for each identified risk, ensuring our organization remains adaptable and resilient in the face of challenges.

The Foundation WA's strategic plan for 2023-2024 embodies our commitment to empowering the youth and supporting reentry in Southwest Washington. Through dedicated initiatives in housing, funding, partnerships, and education, we strive to build a more inclusive, supportive, and resilient community, marking a path toward a brighter future for all its members.

Implementation Plan

Our implementation strategy involves a detailed plan for each objective, outlining responsibilities, timelines, and resource requirements. A robust monitoring and evaluation framework will track our progress, ensuring that we remain aligned with our strategic goals and responsive to the needs of our community.


Implementation Timeline

Quarter 1

  • Transitional Housing Development

    • Conduct a needs assessment and finalize funding agreements with partners.

    • Begin the design and planning phase for the housing remodel.

  • Secure Funding for Capacity Building and Wages

    • Identify potential funding sources and develop a grant application calendar.

    • Craft initial grant proposals for early deadlines.

  • Build Meaningful Collaborations

    • Research and list potential partners aligned with The Foundation WA's mission.

    • Initiate outreach to potential partners for preliminary discussions.

  • Address Truancy and Underenrollment

    • Stakeholder engagement meetings with PIC, schools, and law enforcement to outline a joint approach.

Quarter 2

  • Transitional Housing Development

    • Finalize architectural plans and obtain necessary permits.

    • Start the remodel of the housing facility.

  • Secure Funding for Capacity Building and Wages

    • Submit a first round of grant applications.

    • Engage with potential donors and host a fundraising event.

  • Build Meaningful Collaborations

    • Host a networking event to formalize partnerships with identified organizations.

    • Launch initial joint initiatives with new partners.

  • Address Truancy and Underenrollment

    • Develop comprehensive programs targeting truancy and underenrollment with input from stakeholders.

    • Launch pilot programs in select schools or districts.

Quarter 3

  • Transitional Housing Development

    • Complete the remodel of the housing facility.

    • Hire and train staff for the two new positions.

  • Secure Funding for Capacity Building and Wages

    • Evaluate responses from initial grant applications and adjust strategies as needed.

    • Implement donor retention strategies following the fundraising event.

  • Build Meaningful Collaborations

    • Assess the impact of initial joint initiatives and adjust plans for future collaborations.

    • Formalize at least two significant partnerships.

  • Address Truancy and Underenrollment

    • Analyze initial data from pilot programs and adjust strategies accordingly.

    • Expand the programs to additional schools based on pilot success.

Quarter 4

  • Transitional Housing Development

    • Official opening of the transitional housing facility.

    • Begin accepting residents and providing wrap-around services.

  • Secure Funding for Capacity Building and Wages

    • Submit a second round of grant applications, targeting identified opportunities for the next fiscal year.

    • Host a second fundraising event, leveraging lessons learned from the first.

  • Build Meaningful Collaborations

    • Evaluate partnership outcomes and plan for expanded joint projects.

    • Establish a collaboration framework for ongoing and future partnerships.

  • Address Truancy and Underenrollment

    • Full-scale implementation of truancy and under enrollment programs across targeted areas.

    • Begin comprehensive monitoring and evaluation of program impacts.

Continuous Activities Throughout the Year:

  • Communications: Regular updates to stakeholders, including newsletters, social media posts, and annual reports.

  • Performance Monitoring: Quarterly reviews against key performance indicators for each strategic goal.

  • Stakeholder Feedback: Ongoing collection and integration of feedback from program participants, partners, and community members.

  • Continuous Improvement: Iterative improvements to strategies and programs based on feedback and performance data.

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